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In a recent social media clip, 6ix9ine is seen chowing down on some local cuisine in Mexico. The video shows the rapper at a food stand, watching nearby as a worker makes his tacos and he eats a pepper. He’s also recently shared some other, more unique, food choices with his fans. Last month, 6ix9ine scarfed down a tarantula in a video shared to social media, much to viewers’ disgust. Another clip of 6ix9ine eating a handful of bugs got the attention of user, going viral in May. “Chasing grasshoppers with tequila is crazyyyym,” one wrote, “ole bro lost a few brain cells in that bathroom beat down.” The user was referring to a recent incident where 6ix9ine was jumped by three men in a gym bathroom.

6ix9ine also recently had a mural painted in Mexico in his honor. The mural was created in Mexico City, Tepito, a neighborhood known for crime. It’s often referred to as Barrio Brava,” which means “fierce neighborhood.” He posed with fans and took photos in front of the mural last month.

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6ix9ine Chows Down

His recent attack led to the arrests of three men. Charges against one man, Anthony Maldonado, were later dropped. “I walk out the house and literally they have six detectives outside,” Maldonado explained. He further described, “Everybody with assault rifles, German Shepherds and stuff, walking me out like a killer.” He then said, “They take me to the police station, and they don’t even do a proper investigation. The didn’t ask me who I was with, where I was at that night, none of that. They just said, ‘You look like the guy and that’s you.’” The man claims he was at Bible study when the attack occurred.

6ix9ine’s bathroom attackers aren’t the only ones to want to get their hands on the rapper. Last month, Lil Durk shared what he would like to do to the alleged snitch on DJ Akademiks’ Off The Record podcast. He said, “I’m knocking all your teeth out your mouth that’s all I think of in my head.” Durk added, “I see you I’mma knock all your teeth out ya mouth. Ion want nobody dead. Why I want you dead? Give me a good reason why I want 6ix9ine dead?”

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