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6ix9ine is no stranger to controversy, In 2018, he was arrested after reportedly choking a 16-year-old at a mall in Houston. Furthermore, in 2020, he pled guilty to paying an associate to shoot fellow rapper Chief Keef in New York. Most notably, 6ix9ine spent time in prison for his role in the Nine Trey Gangsters trial. Now, he has been accused of “checking” a fan after a recent concert in Colombia.

In a video posted to DJ Akademiks on Instagram, 6ix9ine is seen pushing through a crowd of fans in Colombia. At one point, the rapper grabs and yanks the medallion around his neck and begins speaking in Spanish to a nearby fan. Akademiks captioned the video “6ix9ine checks fan who tried to take his chain in Colombia😳.” The implication of this video is that a fan tried to take 6ix9ine’s chains and the rapper put the fan in line. However, these allegations are false.

Translation Proves Allegations False

However, commentators have disputed that this is the case. Firstly, the video does not clearly show anyone touching the medallion, with a brief incidental contact at best. Furthermore, commentators have argued that the allegation that 6ix9ine “checked” the individual in question is untrue. Additionally, commentators have claimed that what 6ix9ine actually says in Spanish clears him completely. “You’re wrong foo! They weren’t trying to take his chain. You don’t speak or understand our language though so I don’t expect you to know what you’re talking about. Smh,” one commentator wrote on the original DJ Akademiks post.

After independently translating the video, HotNewHipHop can confirm that the claim that 6ix9ine “checked” a fan is incorrect. As he 6ix9ine pushes through the crowd, the rapper yanks on his chain and says “esto no se sale” (“this does not come off”). 6ix9ine then walks closer to a fan and says “gracias por usted aquí en Colombia en Medellín la primera vez” (“thank you for having me in Colombia, in Medellín, for the first time”). At no point does 6ix9ine speak or act aggressively with a fan. Furthermore claims that he does should be taken as false clickbait based on a lack of understanding of Spanish.