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On June 8, NBA Commissioner Adam Silver made an appearance on The Dan Patrick Show. Unsurprisingly, Ja Morant was a central point of conversation during the interview. It came just days after representatives claimed that the gun Morant was seen with on May 13 was fake. However, Silver was quick to shut down any debate about the authenticity of the gun.

“It’s interesting,” Silver said. “The very issue for Ja, certainly in the first incident, was treating a gun as a toy. That’s what we’re talking about and that’s what I think the danger is to society. Taking a gun, live streaming it without getting into gun issues in terms of the propriety of owning guns and the use of guns. I think everyone agrees that gun safety is critically important and that guns aren’t toys. “It’s something that I’m thinking a lot about because, again, I’m not going to get into specifics about the investigation. But in fact, if you’re live streaming something to the world that looks exactly like a gun and in a frankly reckless manner, should it matter whether or not it’s a real gun?.” However, that’s not all Silver had to say about Morant.

Silver Makes Joke About Morant

Toward the end of the interview, Silver made a not-so-subtle dig at Morant. After Patrick said he was going to get Adam Sandler to do an anti-carrying PSA for the league, Silver commented that it could carry a “double meaning”. If the dig wasn’t clear enough, Patrick tore down the veil completely as he agreed with Silver. “Yeah absolutely, the Ja Morant Anti-Carrying Policy,” Patrick said.

It was something of a surprising comment from the usually reserved NBA Commissioner. However, reactions to his comments were fairly muted on social media. Instead, people were more annoyed that he chose not to reveal Morant’s punishment only to go on a media tour essentially hyping up the punishment. However, with another interview out of the way, it’s just another day closer to actually learning what the NBA has in store for Morant. Follow all the latest sports news here at HotNewHipHop.