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In August 2022, streamer Adin Ross was surprised by a call from Drake while he was streaming. Ross’ star has faded immensely since that point. While still an incredibly popular streamer, Ross is permanently banned from Twitch and currently streams on the controversial platform Kick.

Furthermore, his engine runs a lot more on drama these days. A devout Andrew Tate follower, Ross now generates clicks by telling people to kill themselves on social media. As recently as last week, Travis Scott’s manager told Ross he was a “brand risk” and big-name artists just don’t want to be associated with him. Not surprising given Ross has co-streamed with self-described Nazis. However, Ross now appears to be trying to get Drake back on the phone. Or, at the very least, start some beef.

Ross Reacts To Drake’s Alleged Instagram Follows

During a stream last week, Ross opened up an image posted to his community Discord. The image claims to show Drake’s Instagram follows, with the accounts of Ross’ ex and sister at the top of the list. Ross looks at the image in shock for a few seconds before responding. “Damn chat, so Drake decided to follow Pami and Naomi. Drake. You follow them before you even follow me. You don’t reach out, none of that, that’s cool. I just don’t get why. I just don’t understand how you’re going to follow my sister and my ex and not follow me.” It appears as though Ross really took it personally that he couldn’t get that follow from Drake.

However, as his chat rightly pointed out while he reacted, the image is fake. HotNewHipHop has independently confirmed that Drake follows neither individual on Instagram. It’s likely that the meme was intentionally designed to up Ross and if that’s the case, it definitely did the job. Ross’ reaction to not being followed by Drake is kind of pathetic, especially for someone who supposedly buys into the whole “alpha male” lifestyle. Regardless, Ross was duped by his Discord server and the world got to laugh at his expense. Follow all the latest music news and viral videos here at HotNewHipHop.