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Last week, Baby Keem and Kendrick Lamar dropped “The Hillbillies”. A surprise release from both of them, the song included a sample of Bon Iver’s “PDLIF” and an interpolation of Drake’s “Sticky”. It was the first collaboration between the two cousins in almost two years. Many people were excited for the new song. “it’s a great summer song. got a good bounce to it and kendrick and keem both have dynamic performances with their lyrics and their voice. also the hook by keem is hard asf,” a fan wrote on Twitter. However, not everyone was thrilled about the song. “its cool but if this is the single for a collab album then im worried,” one person wrote on Twitter.

Also notable was the music video. Filmed on a VHS camcorder, the video featured retro visuals as well as outtake footage from Lamar’s Big Steppers Tour. Notably featured in the video was an airport worker at Dublin Airport. Dublin Airport is a common hub and layover between Europe and North America. Furthermore, RapTV tracked down the now-viral airport worker.

Airport Worker Praises Baby Keem And Kendrick Lamar

“So he literally came up to us while we were just waiting at reception,” the man said in a recent video. “Literally came through the door, full of life. He was running around reception, throwing his arms around everyone. I knew his fella was recording but there was nothing said about a music video or anything. Oh it was crazy like, can hardly believe it. I was getting sent messages from everyone, even people I haven’t spoken to in years.”

It’s high praise for the two rappers and some much-needed good press for Lamar. Lamar was thoroughly roasted for his subpar freestyle on Beyoncé’s “America Has A Problem”. Aside from the underwhelming performance, many fans felt that Doechii deserved the remix instead. What did you think of “The Hillbillies”? Let us know in the comments. Follow all the latest music news here at HotNewHipHop.