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Could Beyonce and Ariana Grande really be gearing up for a collaboration? Both artists have certainly had their hands full lately. Ariana has been very busy with her return to acting. The pop star is currently filming her part in the film adaptation of the Broadway musical, Wicked. She has not released any of her own new music for several years, but fans were treated to a collab with The Weeknd back in February. The singer hopped onto Abel’s hit song “Die For You.” While Ariana may not be planning to drop her own new album anytime soon, it looks like another collab is in the making.

Beyonce has been quite busy herself. She recently embarked on her “Renaissance” Tour, and she’s been making headlines practically every day since. On opening night, fans went absolutely wild. One of them even got arrested for trying to sneak into a VIP area. If there is one fanbase you can count on to be over the top, it’s the Beyhive. The fans’ antics aren’t the only thing the tour is making headlines for, however. Almost every single tour date thus far has been a veritable who’s who of celebrities. Big names have been showing up in droves to support Beyonce. One of those names just happens to be Ariana Grande. In a video posted by a fan, the pop star can be seen at one of the London stops for the “Renaissance” Tour. Of course, this only lends more credence to the rumors of a collaboration.

Beyonce’s Collaborations Continue

Beyonce fans know at this point that they should expect the unexpected. Since the artist released her latest album last year, fans have been eagerly anticipating visual content. Visuals have always played a significant role in any album released by the legendary artist. It’s no wonder that the primary question on fans’ minds has been, “Where are the visuals?” Interestingly, Beyoncé provided a clever response to this question during a segment of her performance. In the introduction to “Formation,” a narrator’s voice-over is accompanied by the words displayed on large screens. The disembodied voice humorously states, “I know you hear me. You’ve asked for the visuals. You’ve called for the queen, but a queen moves at her own pace, b*tch.”

However, it appears that Beyonce still has some surprises in store for her fans after all. Recently, she unexpectedly released a remix of “America Has A Problem,” offering an exciting addition to her repertoire. The remix featured Kendrick Lamar, who previously collaborated with Beyonce on her Lemonade album. Given the release, it’s no surprise that people are speculating on further remix releases. How many there are in the works remains to be seen. However, it would not be out of character for Beyonce to drop more in the coming weeks without any annoucnements whatsoever. Stay tuned to HNHH for the latest news on Beyonce and all things hip-hop.