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Asian Doll recently took to Instagram to share her thoughts amid Znuie posting photos and a clip of her and Lil Jamez. Znuie had been in a turbulent relationship with Lil Jamez since 2018. Recently, she shared a series of photos and clips of him alongside other women he allegedly cheated on her with. She shared a clip of Asian Doll and Lil Jamez kissing, also calling Asian “tooth body.” Amid the accusations, Asian Doll made it clear that she was never interested in Lil Jamez romantically. She claims he was only a “fan.” She also went on to say in the 8-minute video that she doesn’t like “n****s who are short, black, and ugly.” 

Asian Doll tore into Znuie, telling her that instead of bringing drama to the internet, she should “go be a mother.” She continued to drag the influencer, also calling Lil Jamez an “eater” and claiming that he was interested in her, not the other way around.

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Asian Doll Bashes Znuie And Lil Jamez

Znuie also received some backlash from users who thought she was in the wrong for putting the women on blast instead of Lil Jamez. She defended herself, saying, “Oh nah, I came at EVERYBODY cause a mf won’t leave me alone.” She also says she, “Told his a** to stop worrying about me and worry about his shorties that all knew about me when we WERE together. I came for everybody he wasn’t left out! Believe dat.”

“If you not about to link up, shut up about the n****! We in Texas b*** we whoop h***,” Asian Doll also said in her rant. “We whoop b**** that wanna fight or get into over the internet behind a n****! You’ll get yo a** whooped.” Znuie responded to the rapper’s claims, writing, “Internet thuggin’ I beat h*** up in real life. Mf’s play tough for an image. She a real sweetheart! Tell shorty drop lo.”

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