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The seemingly endless series of issues that former Jackass star Bam Margera has been through in recent years is continuing. According to TMZ, after LAPD found Bam acting erratically they had him evaluated by a psychiatric team. That team determined that he was a danger to himself and others and placed him in a 5150 psychiatric hold. This happened yesterday morning and the 5150 gives authorities the right to hold him for 72 hours, during which time a more thorough evaluation can be made.

A day before he was found by police Bam’s brother Jess made a tweet asking if anyone could locate Bam. This reportedly followed a text Bam sent to family members that made them concerned that he was suicidal. This follows a more public threat of suicide made by Bam on his social media last week. That claim related to Bam not being able to see his son during ongoing divorce proceedings with his estranged wife Nikki.

Bam’s Newest Troubles

Unfortunately, this is just the latest in a long line of problems for Bam Margera. Back in April, he was forced to turn himself over to police after a viral four-day manhunt that saw fans online trying to locate him. This followed just a few months after his wife Nikki initially filed for divorce. In her claim, she cites both Bam’s struggles with addiction and alleged abuses.

The biggest story involving Bam Margera unfolded over the past few years when he was removed from the most recent Jackass film, Jackass Forever. The controversy played out publicly with cast members giving their own explanations for Bam’s absence from the film. Eventually, the issues developed into legal territory when Bam filed a wrongful termination lawsuit against Johnny Knoxville and Paramount Pictures. He later dropped the suit after a settlement was reached. In order to work on the film Bam had signed a much-publicized “wellness agreement” that stipulated certain standards of behavior he had to maintain. This agreement became one of Bam’s biggest public gripes about his treatment of the film. Tell us what you think about Bam’s situation in the comments below.