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What artist do you see being the biggest artist that you break from BMR?

“All of them.” – Money

Philadelphia, PA – Big Money Records, the label Co-founded by Jamelia Ho-sang, better known as Whoa, and his partner and Co-Founder, Money has emerged as a major player in the music industry. Whoa, Chinese and Jamaican origin, is a reggae artist who gained millions of views on MySpace for his hits such as “Down For The Cause” and “Fresh Boy Money.” With major labels knocking on his door, Whoa’s career as an artist took off

under the guidance of his then-manager Mikey Jared, who has since passed away.

After the loss of his manager, Whoa went back to school and earned a degree in

Computer Electronics Engineering, worked/lived in Brooklyn, and moved to Philly. In 2015, he transitioned into managing internet comedians and models before getting signed to Roc Nation in 2018/2019, which inspired him to start his own label, Team Exclusive. In 2021, he partnered with a business partner Money and created Big Money Records, which has a standing partnership with Republic. Born and raised in North Philly, Money has a good ear for music and closed a lot of deals with his partner, Whoa, having just started his music career when the two launched the record label. “My

favorite young boull S. Porter had a passion for it and wanted us to put it together”,

Money speaking on the inspiration behind BMR’s start. His late friend S. Porter wanted them to “make it bigger than life”.

Big Money Records is a one-stop-shop for artists, offering everything from recording studios to artist development to styling and makeup. “When we sign you, we have everything already set up for you, writers, producers, everything,” said Whoa. The label has a “game time” mentality and believes in putting talented artists on. ”Are they

self-sufficient, passionate about their careers?” Money talks about what they look for in an artist, “–and of course, numbers”. Big Money Records is home to a talented roster of artists including Ralan Styles, Cliff Vmir, Big China, Nucci Jay, CYB, Lil Goat, ILYAugust, Mark Banks, and Hollywood Rueg. The label also boasts producers such as Dino Whats Poppin, Hunter, Jake + Jared, and Smoke, as well as songwriters Netto, Jayron, Jake + Jared.

Big Money Records is pushing Ralan Styles, whose single “Hocus Pocus” has amassed millions of views in just one month. The label is set to announce upcoming shows, concerts, and tours, and is working with top industry names like Jim Roppo, President of Republic, Duro, VP of A&R, Avery Lipman, Founder of Republic, Damian Press, SR VP, and Yosh, Big Money Head A&R. Big Money Records can be found on Instagram, YouTube, and their website at