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In a recent interview with DJ Sincere Bayonne rapper Bizz the Prince talked Drake, Lil Baby and Lil Uzi Vert recent success with Jersey Club records. What the world doesn’t know is Bizz the Prince is one of the trendsetter artists when you talk about the inception of the Jersey Club sound in the past decade and here’s why.

“B-I Double the Prince Yo we started this sound Jersey Club Jersey Drill I’m him” – Is the lead intro to Bizz new single “NEW JERZ ANTHEM”. In June of 2023, Bizz the Prince signed with Dominion Hill Records and his single “New Jerz Anthem” was released via Roc Nation’s Equity Distribution.

Bizz the Prince – New Jerz Anthem (YouTube) 


The Garden State rapper’s first breakthrough was his debut retail album “Prince of Jersey” 2.0. The album featured the Jersey Club record “Drop it Down” which was remixed by Newark, New Jersey’s DJ Lil Man. The remix “Drop it Down” (left – right) became a club trend in New Jersey and Miami earning over 1 million streams combined.  


“People who know my music know me for my wordplay and punchlines, New Jerz Anthem is a Jersey Club record, but I still hit them with bars”. I needed the industry to know where this sound originated. The single dropped only a few weeks ago, Instagram and TIK TOK creators are showing love with dance challenges and TIK TOK reels. I’m Jersey all day, says Bizz. I always connect with the people. If I see a TIK TOK or Instagram reel with a creator vibing to my single, I’ll repost it. It’s important to me to connect with fans who appreciate what I do”. Da Baby from North Carolina, Uzi from Philly – both dropped big Jersey Club records this year. I went back to the basics with this record to bring the sound back to its roots”.  You can skip through my entire catalog and no two songs sound exactly the sameThat’s my creativity as an artist.  


“New Jersey – Garden State Grass Cut No Garden Snakes” Bizz the Prince – New Jerz Anthem 


“Dominion Hill is an extension of where we started. It’s a breath of fresh air. A different mentality and approach to how we are doing business and releasing music says Dominion Hill Records founder Rhasun. The deal with Equity is perfect for our goals as a label. We have the freedom to roll out our own campaign and have the creative control to build a team and make something happen”.   


Our first retail album was a learning curve, says RhasunI think this applies to any successful artist, producer or label on the first go around. No matter what you think you know, you realize you don’t know anything. You learn everyday if you are smart you never stop learning, I went through a personal tragedy back then and my head wasn’t clear as it should have been at times. But you learn who is in your best interest and who’s not. Building a team with the same artist or business people who were with you when you were down is dope.  

 “Bizz single is out now, Solomon Childs “Work Hard” single is out and we gonna keep building the release calendar for 2023”. The new single “New Jerz Anthem” is now available on all DSP’s including Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, TIK TOK and YouTube Music.  






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