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Blueface had himself a very interesting situation on Wednesday. As we reported, Blue was arrested on felony robbery charges. Overall, the inciting incident for this arrest is still unknown. However, we do know that he was arrested while in court for a preliminary hearing in his attempted murder trial. Needless to say, the authorities knew exactly where he was going to be. Since that time, Blue has been released on bond, and he is already trolling his on-again-off-again partner, Chrisean Rock.

In the Instagram down below, you can see a text message conversation between Blueface and Rock. As you can see, Blueface is barely saying anything. Although, Chrisean Rock is pleading with the rapper to be there for her. Overall, she claims that she can’t lose him and that it would mess up her whole world. Based on the replies and energy espoused by the artist, it seems as though he doesn’t really care how she feels right now.

Blueface Takes To IG

Perhaps his energy is in response to some of the things Chrisean said about Blue after his arrest. For instance, in the clip below, she says it’s good that he’s in jail. Furthermore, she even called him the devil. Last night, she also hopped on Twitter to get a few things off her chest. “If he wanna go out his way to troll me n his unborn kid that’s his karma but if anything happen to that man idc how much bad he wished on me or shitted on me I don’t wish jail or death on anybody fr,” Rock said. “Obviously I distant my self because nobody deserves to be treated like that.”

Chrisean Calls Blue The Devil

Ultimately, this situation continues to get out of hand. For a lot of people, this has been very hard to watch. Some say both have been abusive toward one another, while others claim it’s more on Blueface than anything else. Either way, it is clear that the two have yet to truly reconcile.