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BlueFace has been getting a lot of attention recently, and very little of it is positive. The saga featuring him and Chrisean Rock continues. Most recently, BlueFace took Jayden Alexis on a date and told her she could look after his and Rock’s baby. Then there was the viral clip of him harassing a woman at a nightclub. Furthermore, his mom is trying to start beef with Erykah Badu. Just a lot of things going on that aren’t music for the rapper.

Seemingly not tired of the attention, BlueFace took to Twitter to deal out some “relationship advice”. More specifically, BlueFace “warned” women that they should expect to be cheated on because Beyoncé was cheated on. Truly a relationship guru at work. The tweets were bizarre, misguided, and just straight-up cringe. At the very least, Twitter is having fun roasting him for it.

BlueFace’s Bizzare Tweets

Blueface sounded off with a series of tweets on June 3. “If Beyoncé got cheated on bih you getting cheated on sY you ain’t even got half to offer bih,” read the first tweet. “I’m speaking to all women be fr,” came the follow-up. “Ain’t no female better then Beyoncé an ain’t no N-gga richer then jayZ you get the point,” BlueFace added. “The truth could never be a diss,” the rapper concluded. Earlier in the day, BlueFace retweeted a tweet from Jaidyn Alexis that read “addicted to dick I got add….😟.”

The tweets were neither well-received nor factually accurate. Jay-Z is by no means the richest Black billionaire, domestically or abroad. Domestically, the richest Black billionaire is Robert Smith. Meanwhile, the world’s richest Black billionaire is Nigerian cement magnate Aliko Dangote. As for the reception, there were a handful of “alpha male” simps who praised BlueFace for speaking the “truth”. However, a majority of the people responding to his tweets just saw them as cringey and embarrassing. It’s probably worth ignoring this advice and instead trusting your partner. Follow all the latest music news here at HotNewHipHop.