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BlueFace and Chrisean Rock have dominated the news cycle in recent months. To recap, Rock is pregnant with BlueFace’s baby. However, the dysfunctional couple is very much not together during this pregnancy. As recently as May 20, Rock made it clear that she intends to go through this pregnancy without BlueFace’s involvement.

For his part, BlueFace has definitely turned himself into the villain of the story. Last Sunday, he got slammed for a viral clip of him harassing a woman while out clubbing. Now he’s caught the ire of R&B legend Erykah Badu. After BlueFace posted a photo of him surrounded by women on a boat to Instagram, Badu took a screenshot and posted it to her story. Furthermore, she added the caption “He’s trash Universe do your thing.”

Karlissa Saffold Claps Back

BlueFace’s mom, Karlissa Saffold, didn’t take kindly to Badu’s shade, responding to the Queen of Neo Soul in the Instagram comments. “Girl you was just calling Tyrone and paying his cousins and homeboys way don’t and ain’t nobody said nothing to you,” Saffold wrote. Saffold is no stranger to inserting herself into her son’s ongoing drama. Last month, she argued with fan during a vent about BlueFace and Chrisean Rock constantly having her name in their months. Furthermore, earlier this week, she once again stepped in the drama, making it very clear that she only wanted the best for Rock.

However, Saffold’s comments have not been met with support. “She ain’t called Tyrone in over 2 decades lady,” one commentator wrote (Badu’s single “Tyrone” turns 26 this year). “Now what you not gone do is come for Badu please sit tf down,” added another Badu stan. “I need her to sit down expeditiously after her son allowed her to get beat up by another woman in his presence! Silence yourself Muvah,” commented a third. These three comments, all found on a post from The Shade Room, have more than 25,000 combined likes. Looks like Saffold’s taking an L on this one. Get all the latest celebrity news here at HotNewHipHop.