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Bobby Shmurda says that rap music has gotten too “dangerous” and that he doesn’t listen to it anymore. He explained that he feels music should be uplifting and not negative during a recent appearance on The Danza Project podcast.

“These kids are following you guys, and you’re rapping about these fucking lifestyles…and it’s very dangerous to the communities [because] these little kids [really] think that [it’s] going on, and you did not even live [any] [of] [it],” the rapper said. He also cited reggae as one of his favorite genres.

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Bobby Shmurda At Rolling Loud

MIAMI GARDENS, FLORIDA – JULY 23: Bobby Shmurda performs onstage during Day 1 at Rolling Loud Miami. 2021 at Hard Rock Stadium on July 23. 2021 in Miami Gardens, Florida. (Photo by Jason Koerner/Getty Images)

He continued: “Rap is supposed to be telling motherfuckers to go from negative to positive, coming from poverty to go to riches…and how to stay in that and how to change. That’s the shit that I want to hear. I wanna hear about living life…” Shmurda famously served 6 years in prison after pleading guilty to conspiracy to possess weapons and possession of a weapon for his involvement in the GS9 gang back in September 2016. In the time since his release, Shmurda’s dropped two projects: the mixtape, SHMURDAGOTCASH, and the EP, Bodboy. He’s also been teasing a debut studio album titled Ready To Live.

Shmurda’s The Danza Project appearance isn’t the first time that he has been vocal about violent lyrics in hip-hop. When he spoke with HNHH in 2022, Shmurda explained that rappers need to be more cautious with lyrics now being used against them in court. “When I came into the game I didn’t take the music industry serious,” Shmurda said at the time. “I didn’t even really know about the music industry. I didn’t even give a fuck about the music industry when I first came in the game, and then I see how powerful music was, and like how kids really react to it.”

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