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Charlamagne Tha God has expressed his disagreement with Bobby Shmurda’s criticism of rap music. He says that Shmurda should not undermine the genre because he owes his fame and recognition to it. Charlamagne discussed the topic on The Breakfast Club‘s segment, “The Rumor Report,.” He went on to kindly acknowledge Shmurda’s energy and personality. However, he pointed out that the public hasn’t been receptive to his new music since his release from prison.

Charlamagne also emphasized that the culture may not be so keen on the new attitude. While he realizes that Bobby Shmurda has avoided being a snitch and is now creating positive music, the culture doesn’t seem to appreciate or acknowledge that about him. Furthermore, he believes that rap is the reason why people know Shmurda. He highlighted that, because of this, Shmurda’s criticisms of the genre may not resonate well with the audience.

The Origin Of Bobby Shmurda’s Opinion On Rap

The conversation about Bobby Shmurda’s disdain for rap music began when he appeared on The Danza Project podcast. There, he advised children to stay away from hip-hop because he sees it as dangerous. Shmurda expressed concern that kids might take the lifestyles portrayed in rap lyrics as reality. However, he says the rappers themselves may not have even experienced those circumstances. He believes rap music should uplift people and encourage positive change. Now, however, he believes it promotes negativity. As a result of this, Bobby Shmurda shared that he no longer enjoys rap music. Apparently, he only listens to it when he’s at the club.

Shmurda went on to say that he prefers reggae now. He is so disconnected from the rap scene that he wouldn’t even notice if another rapper dissed him in a song. This isn’t the first time Bobby Shmurda has discussed his decision to distance himself from rap music and make a change. In March, he took to Instagram to share his journey towards self-improvement after being involved in criminal activities. He made it clear that he is determined to pursue a productive and successful future. He says he wants to make the best use of his time.