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Boosie Badazz has been doing interview after interview in recent months. Just earlier today, he spoke out once again on the 6ix9ine gym attack. The rapper continues to align himself against 6ix9ine, but surprisingly, he has some positive words for the controversial rapper. Boosie has expressed his willingness to donate money to GoFundMe campaigns that were set up to help cover the legal expenses of the individuals who attacked 6ix9ine. It is worth noting that the rapper frequently refers to 6ix9ine as a “rat” and has been critical of him in the past. During an interview with DJ Vlad released on June 2, DJ Vlad informed Boosie about the existence of crowdfunding pages for the attackers, suggesting that he could contribute to them. To everyone’s surprise, Boosie responded with affirmation, stating, “I will, I will.” When pressed further, he elaborated on his perspective.

Boosie believes that the attackers serve an important role in holding accountable those who betray others and cause harm to families. He expressed his concern about the negative impact that “rats” have on people’s lives, particularly in terms of separating fathers and mothers from their children. The rapper emphasized the need for consequences for such actions. However, despite his criticisms, Boosie stated that he appreciated the way 6ix9ine handled the situation, commending him for facing the consequences with courage. While the rapper’s stance against 6ix9ine remains unchanged, his willingness to support the attackers financially demonstrates his belief in the importance of holding individuals accountable for their actions.

Boosie Got Emotional Over His Son’s Hair

In another interview Boosie did recently, he spoke about his son’s hair. Apparently, the rapper’s child did not want a “Boosie fade” anymore. Sadly, that appears to be a capital crime in the Boosie Badazz household. During his interview with The Breakfast Club, the hosts tried to have a lighthearted conversation bout it. Boosie, however, seemed to take it extremely seriously. “We have a choice to make this summer. You either cut it or you stay home,” Boosie said.

The rapper continued as the hosts listened intently, seemingly unsure if he was joking. “This is my time, bro. When you go back to school, when you go back out of town, you do what you want. But this is my time. When you get 18, do what the f*ck you want,” Boosie continued. “But when you come for the summer – my two months – have enough respect for me to come as you are. Show your daddy that respect for what I put into this f*cking family. Bro, I cried. When I saw his hair, I cried. It hurt me so bad, bro.” It seems like Boosie takes his son’s hair very seriously. What do you think about his comments? Sound off in the comments below!