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Boosie Badazz recently recalled one particularly unpleasant experience with McDonald’s during a recent appearance on The Breakfast Club. When asked about the bad trip, he explained that he was upset about being given just one sauce packet.

“You know what them fucking people be doing. They did it to you too. Fucking sauces bitches they give you one jelly,” he began. “I’m not doing it, bro. That pissed me off that day because I’ve been going to McDonald’s forever, bro. I get in my feelings with certain shit and it happened in the airport before that.”

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Boosie In Concert

ATLANTA, GA – SEPTEMBER 30: Lil Boosie performs at Legendz To The Streetz Tour at State Farm Arena on September 30, 2021 in Atlanta, Georgia.(Photo by Prince Williams/Wireimage)

Boosie continued: “I’m like, ‘Can I get a couple more jellies?’ She said, ‘You got one biscuit.’ I like my shit sloppy you know I like my shit hanging off when you squeeze that bitch. I feel like they’re not being paid extra to not give you jelly. If you was getting paid an extra fucking fee by me — man, throw two more fucking in the jelly thing this big. You can’t throw three [or] four more jellies? You love your job too fucking much you gon’ be working there a long time, bitch!”

Boosie On His McDonald’s Complaint

Boosie initially shared his disappointing experience with the fast food chain on social media immediately after the fact. In a video posted last month, he explained that he was trying to get breakfast while on IG Live. “Fucking two-pack? I should go back. Stupid ass. Told her four jellies. She gave me two. I hate when they act like that with fucking jelly,” he said at the time. “That is not your fucking jelly. Fucking jelly. They got so much of that shit in there. Acting like that with the jelly. You ain’t gon’ get no raise for not giving a n***a no jelly.” Despite voicing his frustration, he didn’t go back to complain. Check out the clip of Boosie’s latest comments on the matter above.

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