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Boosie Badazz is once again siding against 6ix9ine. However, he has some surprisingly kind words for him. The rapper has expressed his willingness to donate money to GoFundMe campaigns created to help cover the legal expenses of the individuals who attacked 6ix9ine. As many may know, Boosie frequently criticizes him as a “rat.” In an interview with DJ Vlad released on June 2, Vlad revealed that there were crowdfunding pages set up for the attackers. He told Boosie this in case he wanted to contribute. Unsurprisingly, Boosie responded affirmatively, stating, “I will, I will.” When pressed further, the rapper explained his perspective on the matter.

According to Boosie, he believes that the world needs more people like the attackers. He says they hold accountable those who betray others and cause harm to families. He expressed concern about the impact that “rats” have on people’s lives. “[They’re] taking fathers and mothers away from their children. You know, there’s got to be some kind of consequence,” Boosie said. “But, like I said: I like how 6ix9ine took it, bro. I ain’t lying. I like how he manned it out.”

Boosie: “Snitches Get Stitches”

This is not the first time Boosie has shown support for the attackers. It started back in March, when footage of 6ix9ine’s gym attack surfaced on social media. At that point, Boosie actually offered to set up the GoFundMe campaign for the attackers. He took to Twitter to sound off on the matter. “Lmao SNITCHES GET STITCHES LET’S START A GO FUND FOR THIS GUY,” the rapper wrote. “WE NEED TO START A GO FUND FOR THIS GUY LIKE COOKIE MONEY SAY WE GOTTA START REWARDING THE REAL ONES.”

In the incident that occurred in March, 6ix9ine was assaulted by a group of men inside a sauna at an LA Fitness in South Florida. The rapper attempted to fight back but was outnumbered and suffered severe beatings before managing to escape. He did not have any security with him at the time. The attack was captured in a video that circulated on Instagram, showing 6ix9ine on the floor, protecting his head, while two men continuously kicked and punched him. The interview uploaded today is one of the few kind words that Boosie has had for 6ix9ine. What do you think about the rapper’s statement? Check out the interview above and let us know in the comments below!