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Last month, rapper Desiigner entered a mental facility after being charged with incident exposure. Allegedly, Desiigner had been caught masturbating on a flight from Japan to the United States. “I turned 26 today and i want to thank ya’ll for holding me down,” he wrote to Instagram last week. “I admitted myself into a facility last week to focus on my mental health. But before that i had planned to release TIIMMY TURNER 2 this week as a surprise to my fans. I recorded this joint a while ago and it reflects on where i’ve been mentally over the past year,” Desiigner wrote on social media after the news broke.

A few days after the incident, Boosie was on VladTV and asked about the incident. “So he just went dumb?” Boosie asked. “Aye, did he go head up with the bitch [allegedly referring to the flight attendant]? Oh he just jacked off? Oh, he fucked up. He need to go to that fucking hospital. He need to take his ass to that hospital.” In that same clip, Boosie explained the right way to get yourself off on a plane. While having sex on a plane, aka entering the “mile high club”, is a fairly common feat, less attention to given to solo entrants.

Boosie Admits To Jerking It On A Plane

While the story is a little old, VladTV only uploaded the clip of Boosie’s own aerial masturbation experience on June 3. “My dick get hard on the plane,” Boosie went on to explain. “It was a long plane ride. My dick get hard on the plane too. Go jack off in the bathroom. I dun did it before. Go jack off in the bathroom. Fucking right I did. I was watching Twitter one day. That bitch was — mayne I was on Twitter, I went and hit my shit in the bathroom. Fucking right.”

Boosie continued. “On the plane. Yeah, I jacked off on the plane. That bitch got hard and it was about a five-hour flight. I killed that motherfucker right there. It was American, I was on American, I remember.” So there you go folks – follow in Boosie’s example and if you absolutely need to relieve yourself (sexually) on a plane, do it in the bathroom. Follow all the latest music news here at HotNewHipHop.