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Very few mother-and-daughter combos are as popular on social media as Cardi B and her daughter Kulture. Much like Kim Kardashian and North West, pretty much any time they appear together it goes viral. In a video released today the pair are at it again and it all centers around an oversized wine bottle and matching glass. Despite being just four years old Kulture is well aware of what her mother is doing.

In the video, Kulture can be heard twice correctly identifying what Cardi is drinking as alcohol. The revelation can’t help but make Cardi laugh, and probably think. It doesn’t help that she’s pouring a comically large jug of wine into a huge wine glass. Despite that, she’s in pretty good spirits about the whole thing and the video eventually made it to Instagram allowing millions of fans to enjoy it with them.

Cardi B And Kulture’s Antics

Cardi B has been in the news quite a bit recently for reasons both related to music and completely unrelated. Last week she joined Latto for a remix/reimagining of her song “Put It On Da Floor.” Their remix which is fittingly titled “Put It On Da Floor Again” immediately drew quite a bit of attention. It’s the first time two of the biggest female names in hip-hop have crossed over. Cardi also headlined Hot 97 Summer Jam festival over the weekend. She lit up the main stage on a night dedicated to all the women of rap music and to the genre’s 50th anniversary.

It was during that same performance that Cardi B flashed some imagery on screen that some fans misinterpreted. When she finished her performance fans were already online talking about whether or not she had dissed Ice Spice. It got so heated that Cardi herself returned to social media to clarify that any shade was completely unintentional. She also quelled some fans’ concerns by announcing that performing at Summer Jam left her compelled to release some of the new music she’s been working on. Let us know what you think of Cardi B and Kulture’s adorable new video in the comments below.