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Cardi B and other New York-based artists have been taking to social media to talk about the insanely hazardous wildfire smoke that took over the city yesterday. Over the past week, people online have been amazed and concerned by photos of the New York City skyline. It has been covered in a hazy orange smoke, which we know was caused by wildfires in Canada. The air quality has become extremely murky and unsafe to breathe. Yesterday was reportedly the most hazardous air quality since the beginning of recorded air quality. Not only that, the look of the city was post-apocalyptic. The surreal scene has drawn comparisons to the visual style of movies like Blade Runner and Dune. Some online posts have even made whimsical connections to the recent trend of Wes Anderson memes.

Cardi B, known for her bold statements on Twitter, made an interesting comparison to the strange sky. “I kid you not the sky is literally yellow today…” she tweeted. “It’s giving smoking on opps.” There was some interesting reactions in the replies to the tweet. Some simply had no idea what she was talking about. “Brah what.. wtf that even mean,” one user tweeted. Another accused her of copying Nicki Minaj by using the word “opps.” The Barb wrote, “U wasn’t saying opps until dwhap dropped im loving that u still a fan of though still stabbing the queen in secret I see.”

Cardi B Wasn’t The Only Rapper Who Was Shocked By The Smoke

Cardi B was just one of many of the hilarious reactions posted to the smoke. Yesterday, Jim Jones posted a hilarious video in response to the situation. 50 Cent, known for his trolling antics, humorously commented on Instagram about the situation. He said he was heading to the store while sharing a still from Blade Runner 2049. Furthermore, Questlove of The Roots found humor in the situation outside his window. He shared a hilarious photo of a billboard with “welcome to hell” written on it and appreciating the clever marketing. However, he also urged his followers to take climate change seriously in a separate post.

As of now, the poor air conditions have not led to the cancellation of many events in New York. Governor’s Ball is scheduled to proceed as planned this weekend. However, some Broadway performers have experienced difficulty breathing, leading to show interruptions due to the smoke. This raises the possibility of performances being affected at the festival as well. While Cardi and others have joked about the situation, it is actually something that should not be taken lightly. With any luck, the air will clear up for New Yorkers soon. What do you think of the situation? Be sure to sound off in the comments below!