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Carmelo Anthony shocked the sports world when he announced his retirement from the NBA earlier this week.

On Monday, May 21, the basketball legend said he’s not returning to the court after 19 seasons

Although Carmelo never won a championship ring, he scored a total of 28,289 points, becoming the ninth all-time scorer in the league. He also made 10 All-Star teams. 

In a farewell video montage of his career highlights, he starts off saying, “I remember the days when I had nothing. Just a ball on the court and a dream of something more. 

He calls his exit to the game bittersweet and thanked his fans for their support. Later in the video, Carmelo speaks on legacy and says it’s bigger than basketball. In the video, it pans over to a photo of his alleged daughter, and in the audio, we hear him say his son, and it also shows a picture of Kiyan Anthony, 16.

Take a look:

Although Carmelo hasn’t publicly claimed his alleged daughter, last year, he was spotted having lunch with her. According to a report, her name is Genesis Harlo Anthony, and her mother is a woman named Mia Angel Burks. 

In 2019, Carmelo received negative backlash for allegedly stepping out on his marriage with LaLa Anthony. In 2021, After 11 years of marriage, Lala filed for divorce from Carmelo, citing irreconcilable differences. It was the second time they had split. In 2017 they separated after alleged infidelity; however, they seemingly reconciled in 2018. 

Carmelo’s basketball torch is certainly getting passed down to Kiyan. Syracuse, the same college Carmelo attended, sent him a basketball scholarship last year.

Kiyan’s offer is for when he graduates from Christ The King High School in NY in 2025. TMZ reports Kiyan received other basketball offers from Memphis, Manhattan, George Mason, and Bryant.