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Rape allegations leveled at radio host Charlamagne Tha God have been around for several years. Jessica Reid has long accused Charlamagne of raping her in 2001 when she was 15 years old. In 2018, Reid took her case to the South Carolina Supreme Court. She claimed that Charlamagne had continued to “violate” her on his radio show and social media. While Charlamagne has vehemently and consistently denied the allegations, Reid sued him in late 2022.

The case is a complex one. Charlamagne was initially charged with “criminal sexual conduct with a minor in the second degree” when Reid first reported the incident in 2001. However, the case was dropped after his DNA was not found in her rape kit. Furthermore, it was reported that Reid “refused to cooperate” in regard to the investigation. Reid has since revealed that her mother prevented her from working with the authorities. However, Charlamagne is now apparently making legal moves of his own.

Charlamagne Issues Cease & Desist To STAR

During an episode of The STAR Report, STAR spoke on a cease and desist letter he had received from Charlamagne. “Folks, you see the title, and it says, ‘Charlamagne Tha God issues a cease-and-desist letter to STAR,” he began. “That came in yesterday afternoon, and I didn’t post that one yet because there’s some allegations directed at me and another blogger that are not true, and they put that other blogger’s address. However, in my community letters is the first cease and desist from Charlamagne from 2018.” He continued, ““If you don’t know, I’m the guy who broke the Jessica Reid story. [She] claims that Charlamagne did, indeed, rape her, according to her. Charlamagne has tried to present legal documents that say he was exonerated. However, for those that don’t know, let me remind you — or let me tell you — the DNA test results were inconclusive.”

STAR added more infromation in the description of his video. “Court documents accused a then 22-year-old Charlamagne of ‘willfully, unlawfully, and feloniously engage in penile/vaginal intercourse with Jessica when she was fifteen-years old.’ Although Jessica wanted to testify against Charlamagne in court her mother did not let her. For the record, Charlamagne was NOT cleared by way of DNA because Jessica never submitted a sample — making the test inconclusive. Jessica is now suing Charlamagne in Federal court.” This is a developing story and we’ll have any updates here on HotNewHipHop.