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Almighty So is a fan-favorite mixtape amongst Chief Keef’s followers. While the 2013 release initially did poorly, receiving a 44/100 from HotNewHipHop, it has earned a cult status among diehard fans. Furthermore, it has been noted for the influence it has had on trap artists who grew up with Keef’s work at the time. Of course, Keef has never been an artist that has earned mainstream success from his work. His highest-peaking album was his debut release, Finally Rich, which hit #29 in 2012. Despite this, he has a deep and dedicated fanbase.

But somehow, he managed to bury the lead about his upcoming release. Posting a video flexing his purchase of a new Lamborghini, fans were quick to notice the text at the bottom of the video. “Almighty So 2 OTW!!! We celebrating”. Keef hasn’t released an album or mixtape since 2021’s 4NEM, which peaked at #141 on the Billboard charts. The Lamborghini appears to be a gorgeous white can but for real, who is paying attention to the car in this case?

Fans React To Almighty So 2 News

Fans seemed pretty happy about the impending news. “Almighty So 2 gon be album of the year,” one fan wrote. “How much almighty so doing first week ?” asked another. As mentioned, despite the critical and financial reception, Almighty So is well-regarded amongst his fans. Only one of Keef’s mixtapes, 2019’s GloToven, has ever broken into the charts. Almighty So 2 has been known about for a while but has been delayed a number of times.

However, other people were slightly more distracted by the video itself. “Camera quality deep fried,” noted one commentator, referring to the incredibly washed-out video quality present. “Why are they still filming shit like if it’s 2016,” adds another. In a similar vein, a third commenter adds that “The camera quality reminds me of 2016”. The jokes continued as another individual adds that the cameraman “Used that 2006 nokia brick”. Are you excited for Almighty So 2? Let us know in the comments. Follow all the latest music news here at HotNewHipHop.