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Seeing as she’s spent all of her adult life in the spotlight, Chloe Bailey has obviously come to understand that the general public will have opinions about virtually every move she makes. As the Atlanta native first began embarking on her solo career a few years ago, some argued that she was trying too hard to give off a sexy image. Many have since come to terms with the ways in which she expresses herself. Still, that doesn’t mean Chloe’s comment section is free from hate entirely.

On Saturday (June 3), her Instagram feed lit up with a new photo dump. This one showcases a stunning “Harajuku Barbie 💗🦋” look. Bailey obviously took inspiration from figures like Nicki Minaj and Gwen Stefani when putting together the blue outfit, which includes several mesh cutouts located around her chest and hips. The outfit is undeniably on point, but what’s really got fans’ attention is the “Have Mercy” hitmaker’s hair, which has been beautifully styled into space buns on either side of her head.

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Chloe Bailey is a “Harajuku Barbie”

Throughout the snapshots we see Bailey striking various poses, snapping some selfies in the mirror and riding in the back of a car snacking on one of her favourites – watermelon. It remains unclear exactly what the Praise This actress was dressed up for, or if she was simply playing dress-up to take fun photos for her fans.

While many are complimenting both Chloe’s hair and wardrobe stylist, others are calling her out in the replies. “Cultural appropriation, much?” one user asked. “Love you since ‘Have Mercy,’ but not feeling this caption,” someone else chimed in.

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“Keep Dat N*gga” TikTok Dance

Check out Chloe Bailey’s take on the “Keep Dat N*gga” TikTok dance below. Are you a fan of her Harajuku Barbie look, or does it feel like cultural appropriation? Let us know in the comments, and check back later for more hip-hop/pop culture news updates.