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It’s been a busy month and a half or so for controversial musician Chris Brown. In early May, news broke that Brown and his entourage had beaten up Usher after the pair had a shouting match at Brown’s birthday party. Reportedly, Usher had been defending Teyana Taylor after Brown got verbally aggressive with her. While Brown still played at the subsequent Lovers & Friends festival, he reportedly got into another verbal altercation backstage.

More recently, it was reported that Brown could face arrest if he enters the United Kingdom. The rapper reportedly assaulted a producer in February while on tour and left the country without meeting with police. This led to British police stating that Brown could be arrested if he returns to the country. Now, Brown is getting pseudo-philosophical on Instagram.

Chris Brown Goes On Instagram Rant

“DON’T LET PEOPLE GET IN THE WAY OF YOUR PURPOSE AND THE SPIRIT WITHIN YOU. World so fucked up. We don’t utilize our collective consciousness The mind abilities we have has no ceiling. IM ONLY HERE STILL BECAUSE of MY undeniable understanding of evolving and pushing my self beyond my Capabilities I often that this world Is based on lies, disinformation, fear, and mental slavery.”

SO AS FAR AS THE BUSINESS GOES…I SERVE MY PURPOSE TO MY PASSION AND LOVE…SO ANY MUSIC OR ART I DELIVER…. I’M doing this FOR ME.. that’s my Form Of expression. I DON’T WANNA BE AROUND THESE FAKE AGENDA DRIVING ARTIST IT WILL COMTINUE TO ASCEND UNTIL I REACH NIRVANA! NO MATTER WHAT I WILL FINISH MY JOURNEY! I that to say this…. IM THE GOAT IM THE BULL I WILL NOT LET ANYTHING STAND IN MY WAY. This is my story so IM GONNA WRITE MY OWN CHAPTERS!” While many people praised Brown’s “Taurus mentality”, this is just unhinged nonsense. Firstly, reaching nirvana literally means you are dead – nirvana is a state of being in the sense that you stop reincarnating. Secondly, what is a “fake agenda driving” artist? Because that sure sounds like some “the world is too woke” dog whistling. Regardless, what do you think of Brown’s post? Let us know in the comments.