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Chris Paul has had a storied basketball career. After a standout career at Wake Forest, including a Sweet Sixteen appearance in his freshman year, Paul was drafted fourth overall in 2005 by the New Orleans Hornets. Paul had a slow and steady start to this career. He won Rookie of the Year on a bad Hornets team. However, his rise and prime started in 2008. He earned his first of 12 All-Star appearances and a place on the All-NBA First Team. However, after the NBA nixed a trade that would have sent Paul to the Hornets in 2011, he was instead dealt to the Clippers. His time in LA was marked with six All-NBA Defensive First Team and three more All-NBA First Team awards.

Paul was traded to the Rockets in 2017, where he made his first-ever Conference Finals appearance. However, as the Rockets’ star faded, Paul was moved to Oklahoma City. After a strong season with the Thunder, he was dealt once again to the Suns. However, this proved to be a career resurgence for CP3, as he helped the Sun reach the Finals. However, despite the rising star of the Suns, Paul is yet to secure an NBA ring. What’s more, this is now apparently affecting his daughter.

Chris Paul Opens Up On The Pivot

Speaking on The Pivot, Paul talked about how his lack of an NBA ring is now affecting his family. “[My daughter] at the age now where at school kids talk crazy to her. She had a little boy at school that said some reckless stuff to her was like, ‘Your daddy ain’t never gon’ win no championship,” Paul said. For context, Paul’s daughter Camryn is 10 years old so that’s one hell of an emboldened classmate. However, it’s clear that Paul is deeply affected by his daughter becoming the target of his haters, just because he hasn’t won a ring.

This all comes at a time of uncertainty for Paul and the Suns. New franchise owner Mat Ishiba is firmly in a win-now mode, come hell or high water. It’s clear that 2023 was meant to be the championship year. The most notable evidence of this was swinging a massive trade for Kevin Durant. However, that championship did not materialize and now the Suns are in a tough position. At the time of writing, the most recent rumored, per ESPN‘s Tim McMahon, is that Paul will likely be staying on the Suns. This supersedes earlier rumors that Paul would likely be traded. However, while bullying is of course unacceptable, the best way for his daughter to get back at the shit-talking fifth-grader would be to flex a ring.