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A recent clip shows Chrisean Rock spending time with her fellow rapper, GloRilla. The footage of the two artists dancing and having fun has been making it’s rounds on Twitter, and some fans claim that Rock appears to be doing better than ever. The video has arisen amid heated social media beef between Rock and the father of her unborn child, Blueface.

Last month, Rock shared a post on social media claiming that she’ll be taking on her child without Blueface. “It’s just Chrisean now, Chrisean and God,” she wrote on Twitter. She added, “We welcoming this baby soon, but the version [and] vision I have is out of this world, it’s happening as I’m typing. The negative shit been behind me.” Rock also said she’s “Going so far away that there’s no invite on my planet.”

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Chrisean Rock Hangs Out With GloRilla

Blueface also recently responded to a clip circulating that appears to show Chrisean agreeing to hang out with another man. He wrote, “It’s a difference when somebody lie about who they really are [and] somebody tell the truth about who they really are. One is right [and] one is wrong, I let you decide.” He also recently slammed Rock for claiming that she prayed for her current pregnancy. “Bih prayed for dis we don’t wanna hear da sob story anymore we over that already,” he wrote. Blueface added, “You got what you prayed for…You held up the prayer line just to boo hoo about it.”

Rock opened up about her pregnancy amid the drama last month. “Now he don’t see a future with me anymore we both done things to each other that we lost trust so I was left with [the] option aborting I was surprised I’m that far along that it’s no turning back from being a mommy I instantly fell in love when I saw the face n heard the heartbeat,” she explained. Rock went on to say, “I had to separate my heartbreak from the biggest thing that I prayed for n in da beginning. I’m not gonna move out of fear. I’m ok with moving on I’m ok with letting go anything that’s not for me.”

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