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Damar Hamlin went through an extremely traumatic experience last season. During a game against the Cincinnati Bengals, Hamlin took a shot to the chest. This happened at a very specific time in his heart’s rhythm and caused him to stop breathing. Overall, it was a very bad injury that could have resulted in his death. However, there was someone on staff who was able to save his life with CPR. Subsequently, he went to the hospital and made a recovery that a lot of people weren’t sure he would make.

Since that time, Damar Hamlin has been trying to get cleared to play. After all, when you go through an injury like that, there is no guarantee you will ever play again. Luckily, Hamlin was able to get confirmation from a doctor. Since that time, he has been getting into shape and has also been present at Bills OTAs. However, he had yet to actually put on all of his gear during a practice session. Well, that all changed today as Hamlin was out on the field with a helmet and all of his pads.

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Damar Hamlin Making Progress

The OTA today was open to the public, and journalists got to see Hamlin participate. Overall, he looked pretty good and was very clearly excited to be out and about with his teammates. His recovery is truly impressive and should serve as an inspiration to many. For a while, it looked like he would never make it here, but he did. If you are a Bills fan, you could not be any more excited about this. Ultimately, he has the potential to give this team a huge boost both physically and mentally.

Overall, the Buffalo Bills are a team that is destined for a run to the Super Bowl. Although the AFC remains stacked, with the right moves, the Bills could get over the hump. If they can do it this year with Damar Hamlin, it will be the ultimate story. Stay tuned to HNHH for more news from the sports world.

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