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Deyjah Harris has shared her thoughts on Chika’s recent rant about children on a plane. Chika took to Twitter last week to go off on a mother whose two kids sat near the rapper on a flight. She complained that the children’s behavior disturbed her rest, and received a great deal of backlash for her comments. Zonnique Pullins later responded to the Tweets, revealing that the children in question were hers. Harris shared her thoughts about the recent incident, claiming that Chika handled the situation poorly.

“The lady next to me who thought it would be a good idea to buy yourself and your twin infants first class seats on a red eye flight, who just woke me up by bringing your screaming bastard to OUR seats to soothe her, i just bought $34 wifi at 4 am to call you a stupid B**ch,” Chika wrote. She continued, telling Zonnique she hates her, calling her a “senseless wench,” and asking her if she’s “mentally delayed.” “You should [have] just sat there and been mad babe..she sky priority af,” Zonnique wrote in response.

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Harris Shares Her Thoughts

Following backlash, Chika initially apologized for her behavior on Twitter. She did, however, later share Instagram stories where she said, “I know it was real harsh but sorry, I cant give a f**k.” She continued, claiming that at the time of her posts she hadn’t slept in two days, and was having “really bad thoughts.” Chika later discussed “double-standards.” She claims, “We all go through it we all say things,” adding, “I don’t feel bad cuz the response is disproportionate to the mistake.”

“As someone who deals with depression, anxiety, self harm, attempts or ideation myself.. i understand being on the verge of a panic attack or feeling the need to release your anger, but this was NOT the way to go about it,” Harris wrote. She went on to tell Chika, “there are so many more healthier ways to release your emotions.” She then claimed that Chika’s rant “shows that [she is] not emotionally mature/intelligent,” adding that “it feels like there is no accountability being taken on [her] end.” Harris finished her post, “You have plenty of options so you must be honest with YOURSELF + keep it real as to why you brought this to social media.”

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