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It’s been a tough few weeks for DJ Drama. He was not only called “a goofy over these h*es” by Meek Mill, but also was the victim of an alleged robbery in Toronto. As AllHipHop reports, the Generation Now co-founder was visiting the 6ix when he failed to “check,” ultimately resulting in his chain seemingly being snatched. It seems that moment wasn’t caught on camera. Nevertheless, the thieves have since posted up on social media. In a viral video, they’re seen showing off the loot they claim to have taken from around Drama’s neck this weekend.

Adding insult to injury, the men praise Drake (who has past beef with the Philly native) in the obnoxious video. “That’s what you f*cking get for not checking in,” they indirectly tell Drama. “Shout out boy Drizzy, eh. Triple Gs, you know how we rock.” Neither the Canadian nor his former enemy have addressed the situation on Twitter. Still, users are certainly having a field day laughing at the situation.

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DJ Drama’s Chain Allegedly Snatched in the 6ix

It’s worth noting that Drake and the Gangsta Grillz creative previously put an end to their feud. Hip-hop heads quickly realized this when they appeared on Jack Harlow’s “Churchill Downs” together. Things first became tense between the pair in 2015, when rumours stated that Drama is the one who told Meek Mill about his “R.I.C.O” collaborator apparently using a ghostwriter to pen the fan favourite. The incident put a major rift between Drake and the “Litty” rapper, though they later settled their differences publicly.

In other news, Champagne Papi hasn’t entirely managed to escape being embarrassed online lately either. During a live stream with Stake and Kick earlier this month, not only did the father of one’s credit card decline but he was also turned into a meme thanks to his questionable yellow nail polish. See for yourself at the link below, and make sure to check back later for more hip-hop/pop culture news updates.

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