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Former President Donald Trump was indicted on June 9 after a wealth of classified documents were discovered in a bathroom of his Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida. The indictment, Trump’s second of the year, covers 37 charges against the former President. The charges include 31 counts of willful retention of classified documents, one count of conspiracy to obstruct justice, one count of withholding a document or record, one count of corruptly concealing a document or record, one count of concealing a document in a federal investigation, one count of scheme to conceal and one count of making false statements and representations. Trump will be arranged on June 13.

However, one section of the indictment in particular has raised a number of eyebrows. The section in question reads, “In August or September 2021, at The Bedminster Club, Trump showed a representative of his political action committee who did not possess a security clearance a classified map related to a military operation.” Buckle in, because the potential link here is wild.

Donald Trump May Have Shown Kid Rock Classified Documents

Last year, Kid Rock went on Fox News to be interviewed by Tucker Carlson. Kid Rock is a die-hard Trump supporter. Furthermore, that has been the case since essentially the beginning of Trump’s upwards fail into the White House. Speaking with Carlson, Rock told a very funny story about how Trump solicited his advice on North Korea. “We’re looking at maps and shit, and I’m like, ‘Am I supposed to be in on this shit?’ Kid Rock said. “I make dirty records sometimes. ‘What do you think we should do about North Korea?’ I’m like, ‘What? I don’t think I’m qualified to answer this”.” Rock also noted that Trump had sought his advice about ISIS during the same dinner.

Now Trump had a habit of contacting the most random people to advise on his Presidential decision-making. He reportedly asked former Yankee Alex Rodriguez about how he should handle COVID-19. Furthermore, he reportedly ranted at golfer Jon Daly about how Putin wouldn’t have invaded Ukraine if Trump was still President. But the Kid Rock story was a different beast altogether. Furthermore, if the indictment is about Kid Rock, that’s kind of a slam dunk on that charge. This is a developing story and we’ll have any updates here at HotNewHipHop.