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Drake has rapped about having “No Friends In The Industry” before. Of course, that’s obviously not true as he’s frequently linking up with his contemporaries and other famous faces. One artist who the father of one spends no shortage of time with is Lil Yachty. The “Brocolli” artist joined him earlier this year for A Moody Conversation interview that had both him and Drizzy going viral on social media for weeks to follow due to their antics.

At the time, they discussed how the Canadian sometimes feels as though he’s comparable to a woman with huge breasts. We additionally heard about his plans for retirement, which don’t seem to be coming to fruition anytime soon. Since then, the pair’s bromance has only continued to grow stronger, with their most recent link-up being broadcast for fans to see this past weekend on Kick. Drake was teaming up with online gambling company Stake to give away $1 million in prizes but unfortunately found himself fiending embarrassment when his credit card was publicly declined on a $500 transaction.

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Drake Helps Lil Yachty Secure the Bag

Aside from that hilarious moment, the So Far Gone hitmaker has also been meme’d for sporting both painted nails and a “state property” badge on his outfit. While it may not have been his finest hour in terms of fashion, Drake proved that he’s a great friend to Lil Boat by encouraging Kick to give him a streaming deal after seeing how many people in the comments were pleased to see the southern-born lyricist make an appearance.

While puffing on a hookah, the 36-year-old declared, “Yo, listen! I don’t know who owns Kick, but I’m just saying… You know, you guys, I know the chat wants to see Yachty go live. I’ve been telling him, I feel like he could take over Kick. There’s a little business idea for you guys, whoever’s responsible for writing the checks. You see the chat’s going crazy for my brother.” Behind him, his “Oprah’s Bank Account” collaborator is seen grinning from ear to ear over all the love. Read all about how Lil Yachty and Drake’s friendship first came to be at the link below. For more hip-hop/pop culture news updates, make sure to check back in later.

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