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Fabolous is an artist who has had an amazing career in hip-hop. Overall, he has a plethora of hits and has amassed a huge fanbase that is always excited about his next move. Moreover, he was recently on the track “Act Bad” with Diddy and the City Girls. Needless to say, he has a lot going on right now, and he has every reason to be happy about where he’s at. In fact, the artist was recently on the Draft Kings podcast The Starting Five, where he recounted some stories.

For instance, he spoke about his Kobe Bryant fandom. Kobe was also a fan of Fab, and he showed out for him on multiple occasions. For instance, Bryant once showed up to the music video shoot for “Trade It All.” “Kobe came to the video,” Fabolous said. “It was in Venice Beach, CA. I don’t think the scene that he came in, I was wearing the jersey — but he came, though.” He went on to note that DJ Clue wanted Kobe in the video. However, that did not come to fruition.

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Fabolous Goes In-Depth On Run-In With Kobe Bryant

“The funniest part of him coming to the shoot was…you know, everybody’s excited, Kobe’s coming to the set,” Fab began. “So [DJ] Clue was like, ‘yo, ask him if he wants to jump in and be in a cameo in the video.’ I said, ‘I ain’t askin Kobe that. You ask him.’ So, he went over there to ask him, Kobe, and Kobe said, ‘naw,’ you know? ‘I just came to show some love to Fab.’ Clue, I think, was having a good moment and he wanted to turn it into a great moment. Shoot for the stars. But it was cool, man. I wore his jersey.”

Kobe Bryant himself was a rapper during the early stages of his career. However, he ultimately ditched that side of him as he wanted to focus on basketball. Either way, it is clear that he loved the culture, and wanted to support his favorite artists. Let us know what you think of this story, in the comments section below.

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