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Hybrid Jordan sneakers like the Jordan Two Trey can sometimes be quite polarizing. Overall, this is due to the fact that these shoes combine elements of already established models. While some find that to be intriguing, others find it sacrilegious. Regardless, Jumpman has a lot of faith in these models, and they continue to produce them as a result. So far, the Jordan Two Trey has proven to be a hit, and consequently, we have gotten a ton of amazing new colorways. Here are five of our favorites.

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Jordan Two Trey “Concord”

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Image via GOAT

When you look at this silhouette, you immediately notice how it has the base of the Air Jordan 11. Subsequently, it should come as no surprise that the shoe would be given the iconic “Concord” colorway. Firstly, the base of the sneaker is predominantly made with white materials. From there, we get that iconic blackish-blue patent leather that wraps around the sneaker. If you love the “Concord” look, these will be perfect for you.

JTT “Bred”

Jumpman Two Trey 'Bred' 2022
Image via GOAT

For sneakers, the word “Bred” is synonymous with Jumpman. Essentially, the word is a combination of black and red. We first saw these two colors together on the Air Jordan 1, and for 40 years, this aesthetic has persisted. On the Jordan Two Trey, it would wonders as a black upper is complemented by a red outsole. If you are struggling to figure out which colorway to cop, this serves as an absolute no-brainer.

Jordan Two Trey “Olympic”

Jumpman Two Trey 'Olympic'
Image via GOAT

One of the best Jumpman sneakers ever is the Air Jordan 7 “Olympic.” With the Air Jordan 7 being present within the Jordan Two Trey, it is no wonder they decided to bring about this color scheme. As you can see in the image above, we have white overlays with navy and red on the base. This creates a very obvious nod to the American flag, and overall, this color scheme goes over quite nicely.

Paris Saint-Germain x Jordan Two Trey

Paris Saint-Germain x Jumpman Two Trey 'Paname' 2022
Image via GOAT

Paris Saint-Germain has worked a lot with Jordan Brand over the past few years. Consequently, a Jordan Two Trey collab was certainly a must. This version of the shoe is mostly white with an icy blue outsole. Additionally, we get some beige around the base, which is a nice touch. Lastly, some French flags and blue, white, and red elements really help bring this model home.

WMNS Jordan Two Trey “Bordeaux”

Wmns Jumpman Two Trey 'Bordeaux' 2023
Image via GOAT

Lastly, we have this women’s colorway that is an absolute stunner. The Air Jordan 12 is certainly present within this hybrid shoe, and that comes out in the “Bordeaux” colorway. Burgundy materials adorn the upper here as black and white come in at the base. Overall, this is an elegant color scheme that even men would be interested in wearing. If you need something to make you stand out, these could very well be the ones.

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