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Born in Brooklyn, NY, T.U Savant has been dedicated to the hip-hop scene since the age of 13. His brand stands out with its unique symbol of a cracked mirror, representing his journey of overcoming challenges and emerging successful. T.U Savant’s music aims to bring hip-hop with a twist, inspired by his biggest influence, Jay-Z. He follows Jay-Z’s blueprint to set trends and create his own legacy, dubbed the “TUPrint.”

T.U Savant has achieved significant recognition, including reaching number 1 on the iTunes charts multiple times in various countries. He is currently promoting his single “God Only Knows” and his album “Special Needs,” with a deluxe edition set to release on August 16th. Despite having Tourette’s Syndrome, PSR continues to strive for greatness, with ambitions to win Grammys, Moonmen, and be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.