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Zion Williamson has found himself in plenty of hot water this week. After a touching and tasteful gender reveal party alongside his baby momma Ahkeema, Twitter was flooded with a whole load of tea. OnlyFans creator Moriah Mills went on a length tirade, claiming that Williamson was playing the field. Alongside various texts and Snapchat messages, Mills claimed that she and Williamson had hooked up as recently as last week. Furthermore, Mills alleged that Williamson was bankrolling her move to New Orleans so the pair could be closer.

The internet has had a lot of fun roasting the injury-plagued forward. Stephen A. Smith delivered a particularly masterful response to the whole situation. Furthermore, things don’t appear to be getting better for Williamson, as another woman has reportedly come forward with claims about him. Despite all this, former NBA star Gilbert Arenas have come to the defence of the Pelicans star in his own unique way.

Gilbert Arenas Defends Zion

On his show on Thursday night, Arenas presented a passionate, if wild, defense of Williamson’s behavior. “Ja Morant in the strip club paying $50,000. Zion has in-house entertainment from his girl. You can’t get no better than that. He at home watching TV and he like, ‘Babe! Babe! Come on,’” Arenas argued. While we do not endorse asking professionals to work for free, it’s a fantastic response. But Gilberts was also far from done.

He continued. “All the NBA players laughing at the man, when you go to the strip club spending hundreds of thousands and he has it all in the crib. ‘Hey, babe, shake it for daddy real quick.’ Why didn’t I think of that? Hey, ladies, if you all stripping, you all see I got ones on deck. Come on to the crib. I don’t have to leave the house.” It’s a truly hilarious response to the situation, which fails to address the infidelity allegations entirely. However, Arenas provides some interesting financial advice in the vein of “We have strippers at home” per the McDonald’s meme. Overall, this has quickly risen towards the top of the list of responses to this developing story. Stay weird, Gilbert, stay gloriously weird.