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Yesterday afternoon, a gunman entered a Queens restaurant and opened fire, leaving several guests running for cover. Footage obtained by the Long Island City restaurant’s security camera shows the gunman storming into the Boishakhi Restaurant wearing a red hoodie. As he wields his gun, various patrons, including a couple with a young child, are also seen running down a nearby staircase to safety.

One man was shot in the buttocks, and later taken to Elmhurst Hospital in stable condition. Though the motive of the gunman is currently unclear, he seemed to chase his victim in the footage. “My body is shaking,” a restaurant worker claimed following the attack. “I [heard] the sounds, but didn’t know if it was a shot or something,” he added, revealing that he was in the back of the restaurant at the time of the shooting. The gunman and the victim reportedly knew each other, and the victim was his target.

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Police Are Searching For The Gunman

Gunman Storms NYC Restaurant, 1 Injured
(Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

The restaurant’s owner, Abu Taher, spoke on the incident. “At first gunshot he did that side. We had a lot of customers inside,” the owner explained. He continued, “Once he move around, then he come here and shot and went behind my counter and did the third shot to one of my employees.” Taher says the gunman “didn’t say anything. He just come and shot and ran away.” He went on to say that he’s “Definitely scared, you know. It’s a very small business.” Taher continued, “I’m really scared to run a small business in New York City. It’s not safe, actually. We are not safe. Our life is not safe.”

“The guy didn’t even know he got shot until we saw him bleeding and then from there helped him I just helped him and I called 911,” Nelson Burgos, who was working nearby explained about the victim. He continued, “He seemed calm. I kept him calm and I just told him wait for ambulance, it will be alright. He wasn’t bleeding too crazy, so I think he’ll be alright.” Police are currently still searching for the gunman.

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