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It’s safe to say that Gunplay and DJ Envy do not like each other. Their most recent bout of beef dates back to late May, when Envy made comments about Gunplay’s daughter during an episode of The Breakfast Club. Gunplay’s daughter was born with a heart defect and required open-heart surgery. Gunplay and his wife launched a GoFundMe to help cover the medical costs of the procedure.

Things escalated further when audio of a heated phone call between the two personalities was leaked. In the clip, Gunplay appears to reject Envy’s attempt at an apology. Furthermore, Gunplay then issued Envy with a cease and desist concerning “false, slanderous, and defamatory statements.” Now, it appears that Gunplay and his wife are taking things yet another step further.

Gunplay Wants To Fight Envy, His Wife Wants To Sue

Appearing on the We In Miami podcast, Gunplay and his wife, Vonshae Taylor-Morales, outlined their next steps regarding DJ Envy. For Gunplay, he wanted to settle things in the ring. “Yo Envy, what’s up? Put on the gloves, let’s get it,” Gunplay began before confirming he was genuinely challenging Envy to a fight. “We could do it and raise some money for charity or whatever.” “You know, they could do a little [fight] and donate to the hospital our daughter had surgery at,” Taylor-Morales chimed in.

She continued. “I got a phone call from my father. My father listens to the The Breakfast Club morning show, and he was like ‘Is there a problem? Do I need to go up there by my granddaughter?’ So I’m like what’s going on? So I got on my daughter’s Instagram page and obviously, you know how trolls are. And they’re coming crazy about ‘oh, you need to sign your parent rights away to Envy,’ and I was very upset. It literally took me to a very traumatic space. No one’s expecting to give birth to a daughter with a heart defect that rare and having open heart surgery.” Taylor-Morales confirmed that she had received multiple assurances from The Breakfast Club that the material would be taken down. However, since that has not happen, she feels that she has no other choice that pursue the issue as a legal matter.