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Atlantra’s rap community has been under scrutiny over the last year. Beginning with the sweeping YSL indictment that’s left Young Thug behind bars for over a year, the Fulton County D.A. stated that there would be a number of other arrests coming soon. However, before Young Thug got hit with the RICO, Hoodrich Pablo Juan found himself in legal issues. In December, the former 1017 rapper copped a plea deal, leading to a 15-year sentence in his RICO case – 5 years behind bars, including time served, and 10 years on probation. 

As someone who’s dealing with a similar situation to Thug, he expressed his support for the incarcerated PUNK rapper. “We do this sh*t for the hood, we from the hood, we still in the hood. Y’all know what the f**k going on,” he began. “Free Slime, man. Keep all the rats, free all the real n***as. Y’all know what the f*** goin’ man, we never lettin’ up.” Although a short message, it comes on the heels of Gunna’s new single, “bread & butter,” which led to widespread backlash, even as he tried to tell his side of the story.

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Hoodrich Pablo Juan & Young Thug Charges

Although police arrested Young Thug on RICO charges last year, Hoodrich Pablo Juan was part of a huge indictment that took place in October 2020. Police arrested Hoodrich Pablo Juan in Upson County, GA for violating the RICO Act as a member of the Rollin 20 Neighborhood Bloods. Police arrested 46 individuals, including Juan, on charges including violating the RICO Act and  Georgia Street Gang Terrorism and Preventions act, as well as drug trafficking, kidnapping, murder and aggravated assault.

Meanwhile, Young Thug remains behind bars as jury selection continues and many of his co-defendants cop plea deals. Most recently, Thug’s older brother Unfoonk returned to jail after violating the terms of his agreement. Police caught him with a gun and the judge recently sentenced him to 9 years behind bars. Besides that, Thug continues to try and make bail, especially after two consecutive visits to the hospital due to health issues, which his lawyer argues is because of poor food options. 

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