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Ice Spice has quickly become one of the most talked about rappers around. But after a performance at the always high-profile Hot 97 Summer Jam, talk is exactly what people did. One thing fans were talking about were the various artists Ice Spice brought out with her during the course of her performance. Kali, Flo Milli, and Lil Tjay who already has a song with the breakout star all joined her on stage during her performance. But after a tweet containing a video of her performance also accused her of lip-syncing fans’ got fans’ attention.

The tweet reads, “So my boy sends me a clip of Ice Spice performing at Hot 97 Summer Jam. I see her & her mouth moving but only heard her record.” The post came with a video attached that sees the rapper doing what looks like a lip-synced performance of her hit song “Princess Diana.” While the post isn’t particularly viral, fans who did see it expressed similar disappointment in her alleged choice to forego performing live. “My one question is where is the performance at??? Much love and respect to her come up and the X but am I lying??? or bugging???,” the tweet concludes.

Ice Spice’s Supposed Lip-Sync

Ice Spice was also subject to another controversy resulting from Summer Jam over the weekend. During Cardi B’s set, she used imagery that some fans interpreted as a direct diss of Ice Spice causing Cardi to have to clarify later that there are no hard feelings. The weekend provided two more headline-grabbing stories for an artist whose public fascination has been at an all-time high in 2023.

Within just the past few weeks Ice Spice and Nicki Minaj’s collaboration “Princess Diana” was remixed by Skrillex during a festival set. She also joined Taylor Swift for a remix of her song “Karma” which shot up the charts as a result of their team-up. Spice has also promised fans that a deluxe version of her “Like..?” EP would be dropping this summer. Though the lip-syncing allegations aren’t likely to affect the trajectory of Ice Spice’s career much they are proof that people are paying pretty close attention to the star. Let us know what you think of Ice Spice’s supposed lip-syncing in the comments below.