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Rumors that Ice Spice has an upcoming collaboration with Camila Cabello are circulating social media. Though none of the rumors have been confirmed, fans noticed that Ice Spice started following Cabello on Instagram last week. They also noticed that James Rosemond Jr, her manager, began following Cabello as well as her management on Instagram recently. Fans have mixed feelings about the rumored collaboration. Some think it would be the “song of the summer” and others claim it would be a “flop.” If the rumors prove to be true, the collab will follow the Bronx rapper’s feature on Taylor Swift’s “Karma (Remix).”

“A hit incoming,” one user writes in response to the rumors. “She woke up one day, debuted and decided to be successful af. Looks like god’s fav to me idk,” writes another. “I think ice should calm down with the collabs and work on a solo album with no feats,” someone adds. “Ice spice doing charity I fear,” another less-than-excited user comments. Some listeners are already comparing the rumored collab to her recent feature on Swift’s “Karma (Remix),” which also received mixed reviews. The remix itself was wildly successful, winning Ice Spice the record for biggest streaming debut for a female rapper, but some listeners question the intentions behind the project.

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Ice Spice Fans Have Mixed Feelings

Her collaboration with Swift was released amid Swift’s rumored romance with The 1975’s Matty Healy. He made some controversial comments recently about Ice Spice’s appearance, and many users felt as though his remarks were racist. Healy has received tremendous backlash for his comments, and some thought Swift’s collab with Ice Spice was intended to “shield” Healy.

Azealia Banks recently tore into the frontman, claiming, “He’s clearly so pressed about a Black girl who knows nothing about him or his music is making more moves and money than him.” Banks continued, telling him, “The 1975 is on nobody’s radar babe, maybe fat emo teenagers but no we are not checkin’ for you boo.”

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