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The fate of Memphis Grizzlies superstar Ja Morant remains unknown. On May 14, Morant was suspended by the Grizzlies after a video of him flashing a gun on Instagram Live went viral. Despite Morant apologizing for the incident, Commissioner Adam Silver expressed “shock” at the video. Furthermore, Silver announced that Morant’s punishment would be withheld until after the NBA Finals.

The incident has completely altered the trajectory of Morant’s career. He has been widely condemned for the incident. Furthermore, police in Tennessee performed a wellness check at Morant’s residence after a cryptic and worrying Instagram post. Elsewhere, Kendrick Perkins suggested that Morant could be better served with a move out of Memphis. Now, Morant’s team is throwing a Hail Mary.

Morant’s Team Claims The Gun Was Fake

Sources within Ja Morant’s camp are claiming that the gun Morant was seen with is in fact fake. These allegations were first reportedly by The Breakfast Club‘s Claudia Jordan. “The relative in the car in the back seat had a toy gun, not real, and was playing around with it and passed it [to Morant] and that got caught on the Live. The NBA has the video and allegedly, the gun looks extremely fake, obviously a toy gun. But according to my source, allegedly, Adam Silver is still going to go through with the suspension, [which is] looking like it’s going to be about 30 games.” However, the news has not been met with much sympathy online. The Breakfast Club panel questioned why the fake gun narrative was only being brought up now.

As previously mentioned, Morant apologized three days after the footage went viral. However, he never previously mentioned the gun being fake or a toy. Furthermore, it’s likely that the news is being leaked in order to try and sway public opinion in favor of Morant. The thinking likely is that public outcry with this new information could say the NBA. However, as many people have noted after the news broke, it doesn’t matter if the gun is fake or not. Morant goaded the NBA with his actions, forcing the league’s hand if they wanted to retain any sort of credibility. At the end of the day, fake or not, Morant is being punished on principle, not because of his specific actions.