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Janet Jackson recently shared a steamy onstage kiss with one of her backup dancers, Darius “Dario” Boatner. The make-out took place at one of the 57-year-old’s recent stops on her Together Again tour. The incident wasn’t the first time Jackson got “Nasty” on her tour. Last month, Janet turned some heads when she gave her audience a sensual, hands-on performance with another dancer, Mariusz Maniek Kotarski. Though viewers had mixed reactions to the passionate moment, most felt as though it was a necessary part of Jackson’s act.

“So I guess she not getting back with Jermaine,” one social media user comments on a clip of the kiss. Another claims Janet is “too old” for the onstage antics. “Y’all so cute lol,” one fan responds to haters, “Ma’am has BEEN doing this for ages. Who cares how old she is, she’s selling out shows and having fun. I’m here for it motha.”

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Jackson’s Show Gets Freaky

Janet Jackson is joined by Ludacris on her current tour. Last month, Lil Kim filled in for the “Rollout” performer at the Allentown, Pennsylvania stop of the tour. After the show, Janet shared a heartfelt moment with Jackson backstage. “She represented me, a hood girl! I’m from the hood. I knew I could rap, but I was like, I wanted to do something different,” she said about the performer. Lil Kim continued, “I didn’t want to be the normal rapper. I love MC Lyte, I love Salt-N-Pepa, I love Queen Latifah – but I was like, ‘I want to do something different! I want to be a rap Janet Jackson.’”

Jackson was also joined by Busta Rhymes on the tour last month. They performed “What’s It Gonna Be?!” and Ludacris shared with the audience how the collaboration came out. He explained that he was driving when he heard Jackson on the radio claiming she’d like to collaborate with him, and how it almost led to him crashing his car. He later took to social media to thank her and call her a “queen.”

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