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Over the past week, smoke from Canadian wildfires has drifted southward. This has caused the air quality in the northeastern United States to become increasingly toxic. By Tuesday, New York City had the most hazardous air among major cities worldwide. On Wednesday, the situation worsened. Not only did the air quality index in the city soar past 400, entering the hazardous range, but the sky also turned a dark orange, enveloping the city in a thick, dystopian-like haze. Many people on social media compared the scene to the fictional world of Dune.

The situation in America’s largest city was quite grim. Events were postponed or canceled. A Broadway show even ended after just 10 minutes due to poor air quality. The New York Times reported that by afternoon, Midtown Manhattan was shrouded in a deep, hazy orange. There were smoky clouds reducing visibility across the five boroughs and the surrounding region. Some flights were canceled. Commuters wore masks similar to those used during the Covid-19 pandemic. Children stayed indoors during recess, schools closed, and officials advised people against going outside.

Jim Jones: “Tell God This Ain’t The Club”

Due to the post-apocalyptic look of New York City, many took to social media to talk about it. Even Jim Jones posted a video on Instagram about the situation. “Enough is e-f*cking-nough,” he began. “Like, what is going on? Now the sh*t is yellow outside, and my n*ggas uptown in the Heights might think, ‘Jesus is smoking hookah.’” Jones went on to express confusion about the fires that caused the smoke in New York. “What is this, smoke? Y’all gon’ tell me a fire in Canada got my sh*t smokey out here…” he continued. “Alright, you know what? Who gon’ tell me where summer at? F*ck all that, bro. Somebody tell God this ain’t the club. Stop smoking hookah up there.”

The air quality in New York City may be extremely dangerous, but the internet is dealing with it in the only way it knows how: making jokes. Many compared the conditions to the new Dune films. The orange hue and smokey atmosphere certainly do call the film to mind. Others say that it reminded them of Mad Max: Fury Road. Some, however, reminded people of just how concerning something like this is. They asked if it could be a sign of worse things to come for the climate. Stay tuned to HNHH for the latest updates.