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JJ Redick has been one of the most beloved analysts on TV as of late. Overall, the former NBA star has proven to be someone who can sift through all of the BS that tends to populate shows like First Take. Most of the time, he is spot-on with his takes. Although he wasn’t a superstar in the league, he still has a great eye for the game. So much so that some believe he needs to become a head coach. That said, the NBA Finals are on right now, and you can be sure that Redick is part of the coverage.

Last night, the Miami Heat were able to steal a game against the Denver Nuggets. This came as quite a bit of a surprise. Despite being up by as much as 15 points in the second quarter, the Heat were able to crawl back. They were great to start the third and fourth quarters, and it helped propel them to a win. Now, the Heat have the home-court advantage, and it will be interesting to see how it all plays out. While on First Take this morning, Redick explained how the Heat were able to win.

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JJ Redick Loves The Heat

“The word that comes to mind for me is resiliency [for the Miami Heat],” Redick explained. “Heat culture, it is a very real thing. There is a mental toughness and a mental fortitude with this team.” He also went on to note that the Denver Nuggets should still win it all. Moreover, he went on to note that the Nuggets will be good in the west for years to come.

Redick Talks Denver

“Regardless of what happens in this series, we are entering a phase where the Denver Nuggets will be the favorites in the Western Conference going forward for the foreseeable future,” Redick said. “There’s a long runway in Denver for this team to contend for titles.” Overall, Redick certainly has a point. The Nuggets look amazing, and we cannot wait to see them play for years to come. That said, let us know who you think will win the NBA Finals, in the comments section below.

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