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Jonathan Majors and Meagan Good have reportedly been dating since mid-May. A source revealed to TMZ that the pair had been spotted at LA’s Alamo Drafthouse during the weekend of May 6. On May 21, it was reported that the two had been seen holding hands while boarding a flight in New York City. Furthermore, on May 24, the rumored couple was seen eating at a Red Lobster with Good’s family. Most recently, the pair were spotted shopping for pottery in Fez, Morocco in early June.

However, the alleged relationship has received a cold reception from fans. Many people are viewing it as a PR move to mitigate Majors’ current legal issues. The 33-year-old actor is currently facing charges in New York for the alleged assault of his then-girlfriend in late March. While Majors has denied the allegations and his lawyer has claimed it’s a racially-motivated “witch hunt”, the legal proceedings are currently moving forwards. Majors is expected back in court on June 13.

According to Page Six, Majors and Good have been spotted on another home decor shopping trip. The pair were seen at Modern Rugs, a designer company in Los Angeles. The company’s products wildly vary in price. However, some items in their “designer collection” can cost $13,500. It’s unclear whether Majors and Good made a purchase during their trip. Both actors were dressed casually and appeared in good spirits. Representatives for both individuals declined to comment when approached by Page Six.

However, it does raise some interesting questions. It’s two shopping trips in two weeks. Majors has met Good’s family. Does this mean the couple is settling down, or at the very least, moving in together? Neither individual has officially confirmed the relationship but it seems that every week, the gossip outlets have proof of another date. Furthermore, as mentioned, the last two dates they have been spotted on have been buying decorative items for the home. Obviously, this is just purely speculative but who knows? Despite this, expect more updates as the couple continues be seen and Majors heads back to court this week.