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Although known for his ratchet persona, Juicy J boasts extensive credits behind the scenes as a producer. He’s a cemented legend in the rap game, and he’s still active in it, too. However, Juicy J’s origins date back to the days of his group Three 6 Mafia, where he not only served as an MC but a producer, as well. The Memphis group’s dark sound would lay the foundation for underground acts that often sampled and emulated their style in the years that followed.

Juicy J has kept his legacy alive in all the years since then. He’s got a strong relationship with Wiz Khalifa whom he’s collaborated with on a number of projects and songs. His recent features include songs alongside Logic, Conway The Machine, and more. In the cases of both Logic and Conway, he also doubled as a producer on these tracks. Today, we’re looking back at 7 of the most successful production credits of his career.

7. “Gunwalk” – Lil Wayne feat. Gudda Gudda (2013)

Juicy J and Crazy Mike showcased their ear for haunting production on Lil Wayne’s “Gunwalk.” The 2013 record leans more into eerie lane as a looped piano and a ghastly vocal sample play throughout the song. The song builds from these elements before the bass and drums come in. Lil Wayne’s verse is filled with creative references and punchlines for guns while Gudda Gudda’s follows the same theme. Still, Juicy J comes in at the track’s closing moments to deliver the final hook of the song, repeating Wayne’s chorus and driving it home. Hearing these two legends on a song together was a treat for listeners, especially with Juicy J’s signature production style laying the foundation for their collab. This song is a little different from most of the others on this list which is a testament to Juicy J’s range as a producer and as an artist overall. 

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6. “Freaky Girls” – Megan Thee Stallion Feat. SZA (2020)

Juicy J held down the production Megan Thee Stallion’s first collaboration with R&B superstar SZA. The TDE songstress holds down the hook on this highlight from Megan’s debut album. However, it’s the way Juicy J tied their personas together on wax that makes this song special. Sampling a melody from Adina Howard’s 1995 Hit, “Freak Like Me” for a nostalgic 90s vibe, SZA and Megan Thee Stallion’s confidence and sex appeal is on 10.

6. “Simon Says” – Megan Thee Stallion Ft. Juicy J (2019)

Another co-production effort with Crazy Mike, “Hot Girl Meg” pop out on “Simon Says.” A highlight from Fever, Meg delivers an instructional guide for a twerking anthem that continues to be celebrated to this day. But, before this even happens, producers Juicy J and Crazy Mike show off their sampling skills if only for a brief moment. A sample of Billy Jones’ “Me and Mrs. Jones” plays before changing into one from DJ Squeeky’s “Looking 4 Da Chewin,” which forms the foundation of the song. The looping technique is one that became with Juicy J and Three 6 Mafia but it’s his bars alongside Megan Thee Stallion that make this such an immediate highlight in her catalog.

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5. “Hot Girl Summer” – Megan Thee Stallion feat. Nicki Minaj And Ty Dolla $ign (2019)

This is a Juicy J-produced that cemented 2019 as the “Hot Girl Summer.” Marking Megan’s first and collab with Nicki Minaj, it became the breakout moment that many anticipated from the Houston Hottie. Plus, a co-sign from Nicki Minaj, especially as a budding young woman in hip-hop, is a badge of honor. The song itself also capitalizes on Megan’s slogan and gives it a literal anthem. Although many were hesitant to see Ty Dolla $ign’s attached to the record, his innate ability to craft infectious and melodious hook undoubtedly helped propel this song’s legacy. Juicy J teamed up with Earl on the Beat and Bone Collector for this one.

4. “Poppin My Collar” – Three 6 Mafia Feat. Project Pat (2005)

“Poppin’ My Collar” is one of Three 6 Mafia’s biggest hits to date. Juicy J and DJ Paul hold down the production on this one, which includes an appearance from “affiliated member” and Juicy’s brother, Project Pat. On “Poppin’ My Collar,” Juicy J and DJ Paul utilize a soulful vocal sample and layer it with triumphant horns. But, the drums give it an extra layer of bounce that allows for the groups’ animated flows to pop out.

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3. “Stay Fly” – Three 6 Mafia Feat. Young Buck, 8Ball & MJG (2005)

This is another classic track produced by Juicy J and DJ Paul that has a certain cinematic feel to it. The strings combine with the horns to create a soundscape that feels like a dose of nostalgia for anyone that recall the song’s original release. These sounds drop out completely during the first half of 8Ball’s verse, allowing the bass of the song to stand out. The chemistry between each of the artists on the song is seamless, especially as they champion various aspects of Southern culture. For many listeners, picking a favorite verse is a part of the fun and only proves how good each verse on the song was.

1. “Int’l Players Anthem (I Choose You)” – UGK feat. OutKast (2007)

If we’re talking about a classic song that Juicy J produced, “Int’l Players Anthem” is a no-brainer. However, the history behind the song makes his presence even that much more significant. Andre 3000’s opening verse remains celebrated in rap circles but he nor Big Boi were originally slated to appear on the record. Three 6 Mafia was. Due to label politics, they were blocked from being on the original version. Juicy J shared in an interview with OkayPlayer how frustrating this was at the time but he also respected Outkast’s presence on the song. Fortunately, the version with Three 6 Mafia on it is included as a bonus track on UGK’s self-titled album. This was another song that was produced by the duo of DJ Paul and Juicy J who brought a soulful vocal loop, trumpets, and their go-to drums to the track.

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