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It looks like the drama between Juvenile and Essence Fest may have just been swept under the rug. The artist recently announced his upcoming performance at Essence Fest on social media. He expressed excitement after previously criticizing the festival for excluding him. Taking to Twitter on June 7, the renowned New Orleans artist shared the news that he will be taking the stage on June 30. He also shared a custom-designed flyer. Along with the announcement, Juvenile encouraged fans to visit the festival’s official website to learn more and purchase tickets. In the tweet, he cheekily wrote, “Hip-Hop 50 without Juvie? Not a chance. June 30th, NOLA we live!”

It wasn’t always positive sentiments for the former Hot Boy regarding the festival, however. Essence Fest previously got into some hot water with Juvenile. They had excluded him from their lineup for “The South Got Something To Say” set. It was curated by Jermaine Dupri and pays tribute to OutKast’s iconic 1995 Source Awards speech. Notable artists such as Big Boi, Gucci Mane, Lil Jon, Ludacris, and T.I. were listed as being part of the segment. However, Juvenile was noticeably absent, leading to his dissatisfaction.

Juvenile Is A New Orleans Staple

Last week, a bit of drama ensued online following Juvenile’s exclusion from Essence Fest. The former Cash Money artist expressed his displeasure about the perceived slight on Twitter. “How is Essence doing 50 years of hip hop in New Orleans without me???” he asked. It was definitely an awkward oversight on the part of the festival. While it likely was not done on purpose, it called into question how they could forget to include a New Orleans staple like Juvie.

Following the exclusion from Essence Fest, Juvenile decided to promote another festival he will be participating in alongside Mannie Fresh, called Donna Fest. “F that Donna Fest July 2nd, me with my live band + Mannie Fresh + Rebirth & more,” the rapper wrote enthusiastically. “And the best food vendors New Orleans has to offer. I should know, I’m from here! Our [tickets] are just $25!” Now it looks like Juvenile has his hands pretty full with two performances. What do you think of Essence Fest changing their tune? Sound off in the comments below!