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For once, let’s not talk about Ja Morant’s ongoing suspension from the NBA. Instead, let’s talk about his love life. In 2017, Morant met KK Dixon while he was a freshman at Murray State. Announcing their relationship in 2018, the couple had a daughter in 2019. Kaari has since become a regular fixture at FedExForum after Murray was drafted in 2019. However, it remains to be seen if Murray will remain a regular fixture in Memphis. Everyone is expecting a heavy suspension to be handed down to Morant after he flashed a gun on Instagram Live last month.

However, Morant and Dixon amicably split in early 2023. Despite this, they appear to be co-parenting Kaari. Instead, Morant has been linked with influencer Brooklyn Nikole since March 2023. The pair were spotted in late 2022 and people took posts from Nikole in March to indicate that they were dating. Aside from her 400,000 Instagram followers, Nikole is also the older sister of Latto.

Kai Cenat Backtracks On Brooklyn Nikole

In a recent stream, Kai Cenat pulled up Nikole’s Instagram. As Cenat looked respectfully, his Twitch chat began to grow frantic. After Cenat finally noticed, he began to yell “Ja? Ja Who?” as chat tried to warn him that Nikole was linked to Morant. After finally spotting Morant, along with claims that Morant would shoot up him for sliding Nikole, Cenat completely backtracked. Previously, the streamer has gotten flirty with GloRilla and gotten a little risque with Nicki Minaj. Earlier this year, Cenat became the most subbed streamer on Twitch.

However, it appears that Centa’s chat is working with some outdated information. As recently as May 20, it was alleged that Morant and Nikole have split up as a result of Morant’s latest controversies. Little was known about their relationship but Nikole appeared to call it quits with an Instagram post with the caption “that’s a wrap”. Regardless, it remains a very funny moment for the vastly-popular streamer. Follow all the latest sports news and viral moments here on HotNewHipHop.